Service Superheros

West Side Christian School’s middle students spent a recent morning giving of tteamworkheir time volunteering in their community.  This volunteer team went into their local natural community to lend a needed hand to help remove a serious threat. This crew worked hard and took giant steps towards restoring the health of plant community as they removed invasive plant species.

hot chocolate

As the “Service Superheros” celebrated their efforts and accomplishments -while sipping hot chocolate- the team reflected that they learned, “Cutting trees sometimes is good for the environment. The Buckthorn produces a chemical toxin that harms animals and plants.  The frogs eventually will not  be able metamorphose becausuperhero teamse of the natural chemical in the plant leaves. When the chemical reaches the vernal pools it will have an impact on the future frogs.  It felt good to help the natural world today.”

Removing these invasive plants helps take steps to transform our community and create a healthy, sustainable world.  We join in with all the plants and animals to say, “Thank you!”


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