In Search of Owls

Blandford Nature Center recently engaged the second grade students from West Side Christian School in their first nighttime school field trip.  This opportunity was developed as a result of an ongoing partnership to create greater opportunities to utilize the outdoors as a tool for learning.

As the cold weather tends to keep kids inside during the winter months, these students  owlingwent outside to make real- world connections to their class studies.  The second grade students have been engaged in an owl- themed study based on the trade book Owl Moon written by Jane Yolen.  While they went out in search of owls,  the distant call of a Barred Owl brought the story to life.   As they continued, the wild Great Horned Owl ‘s prey added a piercing cry to the silence of the night hike. The Great Horned Owl ended the moment with a low whooo hoo. 

In addition to going outside- at night- in search of owls, in class the stowling2udents were in search of metaphors and similes within the text, graphing the sizes of different types of owls, as well as on-line research of the different types of owls. As a result, the students put their learning and experiences to good use.  They wrote their own personal persuasive paragraph, convincing their parents to take them owling.

Stayed tuned for the next post, the students reflections and persuasive writing will be published.   For the majority of the students, this was a first time experience, some expressing some concern, “I felt a little bit scared, but it was fun.”  The result was a resounding, “We sure do love owling and we think you will too!”


Barred Owl Photo Credit: Instagram user @olsonimagery


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