Going Owling

Owling sounds like fun. While at school, the West Side Christian second graders wrote paraggreat horned owlraphs convincing their parents to take them owling. These are a few of their persuasive paragraphs.

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“If I go owling, I would learn about owls and practice observing God’s world.  I could learn more about where owls live.  And I could learn what kinds of owls there are.  I could hear what sounds owls make and how they take off.  I could see owls fly. Going owling would be great!”

“If I go owling, I would learn about owls and practice observing God’s world.  I could learn what the owls sound like.  I could learn how good they camouflage. I could observe how long their wingspan is. I could also observe how they fly very quietly.  Going owling would be awesome!”

After the students learned about owls and read the book Owl Moon by Jane Yolen, they ventured out – at night – to Blandford Nature Center to go owling.   Here are some of the students’ written reflections.owling 3

“January 15, 2015, 6:30-8:30pm I went owling at BNC.  First we went inside and we saw a Barn owl, her name is Luna. We also saw a Barred Owl, her name was Baby.  Our leader took us outside.  We tried to call a Screech Owl. We couldn’t hear it. Then we went inside and touched a feather and an owl feather.  I learned that owl feathers are quiet.  We tasted hot chocolate. It was yummy. My favorite thing is watching owls in the woods.”

“January 15, 2015, 6:30-8:30pm I went owling at BNC. We went inside and learned more about owls. Then we went outside in the woods to see owls.  I heard an owl! I did see a Barred Owl, a Barn Owl aowlingnd a Great Horned Owl.  I did feel a feather and a branch of a tree. I drew an owl on a tree branch. And this surprised me that there was a mate owl that liked an other owl that lost one of her wings.  My favorite thing was seeing all the owls.   We also read the story of Owl Moon. I tasted hot and delicious hot chocolate. It was fun going owling with my class,  Going owling is great!”

“We went owling.  First we read the awesome story of Owl Moon.  Then, we went out on the snowy trail and called for owls. Next we went inside and looked at the owls.  Finally, we went upstairs and had some yummy hot cocoa.  Going owling was amazing!”

“We went owling! First we read Owl Moon.  Then we went on the trail and heard and owl eat its prey!  Next we went inside and drew a picture of an owl. Finally we had good hot chocolate and it was good!  The best part of owling was when we heard an owl eat its prey!owling2

“We went owling! First, we read Owl Moon.  Then we went owling.  Next, we went inside to look and learn about the cool owls.  Finally we drank good hot chocolate.  When you go owling you need to be quiet and you have to listen hard.  The best part of owling is listening to the owl eat its prey.”

It is apparent through the students’ writing that they enjoyed their learning adventures centered around their educational goals and objectives.  This literacy study took on so many added dimensions, by simply adding the outdoors. Blandford Nature Center strives to make more of these outdoor learning moments possible as a result of partnering with area schools.

Owl Moon Photo Credit: Coty Coghill, coghillphotography



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