Tree Stewards Field Work

Have you ever wondered what trees are out there? What are their names? What role do they play in the local ecosystem?  Recently the fifth graders from West Side Christian returned to the woods to meet their trees.

the best things

Trees are constantly working. They clean air and water, help save energy, provide for wildlife and increase quality of life. They are a legacy that has been preserved and these students will learn how to protect them for future generations. Blandford Nature Center is collaborating with the fifth grade class to engage in a schoolyard stewardship tree project. Through this opportunity the fifth graders will learn more about how trees impact the community’s health and the students will communicate the benefits of trees to the surrounding neighborhood.

This year the fifth grade students will begin to use their trees in the  Brian Dyk Nature Preserve to observe, identify and collect data. In this initial activity the students used their observation skills to describe their tree.  Within the nature preserve, students adopted a tree, took measurements, wrote descriptions, and drew sketches of it. They will also engage in a series of observations over time to allow the opportunity to experience the seasonal changes trees undergo.

Stay tuned to find out how their data will be contributed to two citizen science projects: Urban Forest Project and Project Bud Burst.   In addition, see how these trees serve as the source of cross-curricular treeexperiences that will bring together topics in math, language arts, social studies and science.

tree8tree6tree1 tree14



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