A Natural Classroom

In a time where kids are handed phones and stuck in front of screens at increasingly younger ages, a preschool in Grand Rapids is encouraging its preschoolers venture out to Blandford to learn outdoors.  It’s thrilling to announce that the NorthWest Co-op preschool will be spending more time outside, learning through their play-based, child-centered approach. Once a month Blandford Nature Center will become the students’ classroom.

Adding Nature-based learning through the Curriculum

The preschool teacher, Mrs. Kathryn Wilson,  made the way to partner with Blandford, and is looking forward to adding more nature-based educational experiences to the preschool curriculum.  She has been teaching at the Northwest Co-op Preschool for more that 25 years and each year her students have benefited from their seasonal field trips to Blandford Nature Center.  The more time she has spent here, the more she witnessed the value and evidenced the results of their outdoor moments. Kathryn loves learning and reading about new tools and techniques that will benefit her students, so when she heard about the upcoming Nature-based Teacher workshop she signed up.


As a co-op, they enjoy the benefits of parent participation in the classroom the parents will have opportunity to join the students out here too.  Students participating in this program would be enrolled through NorthWest Co-op. Blandford Nature Center serves as a collaborative partner.

If this is something that you are interested in for your child you can contact the school.  If nature-based preschool education is something that you would be interested in exploring to add into your existing preschool program, contact Janet@BlandfordNatureCenter.org.



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